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"Templates" falls into a different category than "Graphics" to me, so instead of putting these on the general Graphics page, I've opted to keep these (every resource related to general HTML fiddling and Carrd customization/learning HTML) here. These should help you out on your journey to make a fun Neocities, Carrd, or other site!
    Linking back to me as credit for assets I made is very important to me! Here's some website buttons you can use for that if you want.

Basic Codes, Re-Formatted & Collected By Me To just insert an image anywhere:

Copy the code and replace the appropriate parts: "DESCRIBEIMAGE" needs to be a short description of your image so it will be read by screenreaders, making people with vision/processing issues still able to understand your site. "IMAGE" will be the actual name of your image. For example, when I use the moneybag image you see on this page, I put "assets/moneybag.gif". It is a .GIF file, named moneybag, which I've placed in a folder on Neocities called "Assets."

To insert an image in the corner of your page:

"Right" can be switched with "Left," and "bottom" with "top" to change those basic positions. Edit max-height's value to change the height of the image itself, and "-5px" and "0px" to shift the image's position's even further. (Try to make sure it doesn't overlap page content and that people can still click anything they might want to!)

To add a custom favicon:

Place somewhere underneath "Title" in your HTML.

To use a custom cursor:

Stick this at the absolute bottom of your page's code. You'll be replacing "CURSOR" with the name of the file, "FILEEXTENSION" with its file extension, and you can change "title="Custom cursor" to be a VERY short cursor description.

SPAMTON SAYZ:Use your best judgement when choosing assets for your site. Rapidly strobing GIF images or intense eyestraining colors can cause eyestrain, migraines or even seizures! Tiny cursors may be trendy on Tumblr, but they're less fun if you have poor vision and can't get around someone's website. Autoplaying music can be distressing (and it's only a little bit of code to make a play button instead)! And so on... Keep the web accessible. Where To Look For More Tutorials - EXTREMELY recommend this site if you're just starting out and don't know where to go yet. Click to see that they've got a whole sidebar full of different HTML effects with easy snippets that you can copy/paste or try live on their site. - It is what it says on the can; A collection of online generators for HTML, Javascript, CSS and a few more. Mainly dedicated to decorative effects for text like gradients, animations, etc. Fun for adding a little flair. - EXTREMELY recommend this site, too. This is an open index of people's HTML (and etc) projects, many of them F2U. You can find a lot of awesome bases for a page here and learn by digging around in the code to see how people put these things together. Great for people who learn by doing! - Fuck Reddit, but this is also the best community forum for Neocities. Use the search function and you can find all kinds of tutorials and see how other people have solved issues that they came across. - Only turn to this if you kinda sorta know what you're doing; It helps to "clean up" your code and can do things like add breaks in the code itself to make it easier on the eyes (from the coder perspective, not in the visible site). - A very nice collection of tutorials, free Neocities layouts, and other goodies. - Open-source, free-for-you template for hosting a webcomic on Neocities! - Some nice Neocities templates that are really useful. - Another Neocities, collecting snippets of useful things to know and some free layouts. - Very simple hit counters for your website with an easy installation.
My Templates

Webcore Personal Carrd

    A layout for a personal Carrd that I put together. Don't see myself ever using it, but don't want it to go to waste. This is also available for a semi-limited time (haven't decided yet when I'll remove it though...)
      Click here to view a live preview.
      You will need Carrd Pro Lite (or a higher tier of Carrd Pro) to use this template because it includes over 50 media assets. You cannot get the template without Carrd Pro.
      Click here to purchase this template for $1. I earn about 70 cents.

    Stamp Template By Me

    PNG file made by me with stock images put together. Go wild.

      I've started putting layout codes for my cursors and other assets on Spacehey! Click here to visit my Layouts page and see what I've put up so far.
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