Welcome! Nice to see ya! Consider this my own little [DUMPSTER] of the internet, where I dump whatever web detriutus I've collected or made. At the moment, I'm really into free web graphics.


I recently went through a very scary situation where it took me until the 29th to be sure I'd be able to stay housed. That kind of sucked! Someone suggested I make a Patreon. I'm considering it. Please let me know what you think by taking this poll.

Symbol Guide

= Page isn't up/visible to the public yet

= Page was recently updated

= Page is up, but in a messy form/constantly being updated

= Outgoing link to a very useful site/resource that I endorse

= Links to a now-defunct page that's been web archived


Cool Sites & People

Mazeguy SmiliesA button with four ninja from LEGO Ninjago against a colourful brickwork background. The word 'kunekunehog' glimmers in red next to them. Click to go to Dakota's site!Dollz RevivalYour personal smileys PeelopaaluWeb Archive Of Pat's Web GraphicsSay No To Web3Diabella's Graphics Free Templates Want to make a website? An Invader Zim Website Cute Colors Archive

    10/20/2022 - I have a job interview over the phone today. Please wish me luck. I couldn't sleep, so I've done a lot of work on the site. Added a shit ton of buttons under Cool Sites & People (please go check them out!), began work on a secret page that won't be premiered for a while yet, added more Icons, more sites to a lot of sections in the Graphics Index, and added some more found graphics from 2007 to the Titles page.
    9/31/2022 - Doing some small work while the site's behind a curtain. The 3D Print and Beermoney sections are live now, but bare bones with more to be added. Added a button for Templaterr, a site with some awesome templates for your Neocities. Added a shit ton more transparent images, made a few userboxes. The Titles page and Favicons are now open to the public too!
    9/28/2022 - Temporarily took my blog and site down after having a mental health episode. Sorry for any inconveniences. No content has been removed.
    9/26/2022 - Templates page is now open. It's full of resources for learning HTML and several copy-paste codes for you! I also created some new buttons if you wanted to link to this page specifically, you can find them on the Templates page or the Link To Me page. I've also added several ways that you can send me a tip! If you like that I have all this free stuff, a [DELISCIOUS KROMER] or [SEVEN] is appreciated. Also, Userboxes now FINALLY has its About Userboxes section. I really enjoy the topic of userboxes, so go check out the mini history section there please? Man, I still need to work on the Favicons and Titles pages... Hopefully I'll finish them soon?
    9/25/2022 - HUGE updates to the Icons page! I added some icons I made and some of my favorite old web finds so far, so there's a good number of them on there now. The Backgrounds and Dividers page also got some small updates, and I may or may not be working on yet another page of graphics that will premiere soon.
    9/23/2022 - Added YourSmilies to the Links section, added links to more people who post cool graphics to the Graphics page, did some small work on the Transparents page.
    9/21/2022 - I went absolutely wild, finally finished the dividers page. There are now 50 dividers there for you!
    9/21/2022 - Tumblr blog is on a temp hiatus. Fixed up the Userboxes page over here a bit, still messy but now it has some lovely Spamton userboxes. Added a Transparents page that's gonna get slowly populated with transparent images I've made, and I also added a ton of new links to Graphics! If you like aibo, Littlest Pet Shop, or cats, go check that out. We've also now got a Link To Me Page with some different button choices.
      9/17/2022 - Even more major changes! I made myself a blinkies template so I can make non-flashing/more accessible blinkies and then made a ton. The blinkies page is pretty much complete. Userboxes page is up but doesn't have much on it, stamps page is up and is near complete (still need to add the easy copy-paste code), and my about page is coming along smoothly. Figured out the error that was resizing all my images too, so I'll know how to not do that again.
      9/17/2022 - Major page changes! Graphics page is now up and the stamps & buttons page is visible, and I added like 30-ish stamps and buttons, including some queer pride stuff. Having an error I haven't identified with displaying the images, but I'll fix that soon. I also decided I didn't like the service I found for a guestbook, so I found a chatbox instead. Feel free to leave a chat, that page is up now.
      9/16/2022 - Made a secret page to craft a new layout on. Made myself a background and started deciding on the subsections I'll have.